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Data Recovery Services
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Why Choose Data Recovery Service?

At Data Recovery Service our mission is to expedite clients' requests with rapidity and accuracy.  We realize that TIME is our most valuable asset and strive to diagnose and repair your problems with that idea in mind.  Stress and frustration can impede your profits while the loss of important data contributes to those negative emotions. Our focus is to establish an ethic of both task and procedure empowering those to effectively remain productive and functional in today's highly competitive society while our engineers are recovering lost data. 

Data Recovery Service has several labs throughout the nation equipped to faster serve your needs. We can provide end user recovered files within 24hrs using our Priority Services in ultra-critical cases. The average case data recovery is usually performed within 5 business days.

For immediate emergency help, call: 1-866 4 DATA 911 (432-8291)

Data Recovery - Evaluation

We are fully aware of the stress and anxiety caused by sudden loss of data. Such disasters naturally occur at the time you can least afford to have your system fail. To help you recover, we offer a variety of services, including 24/7 technical experts. We also offer priority services for those situations requiring faster-than-urgent help.

  • Our inventory consists of over 5000 drives to facilitate immediate analysis of electro-mechanical failures in our Class 100 antiseptic workstations.

  • Whenever possible, immediate mirrors are created of your drive and verified for logical drive structure failure.

  • The client is constantly kept updated on the progress throughout the evaluation and recovery process.

  • Once you have agreed to our data recovery assessment and approved the provided quote, our system engineers will then go ahead and complete the recovery process of your failed or corrupt media.

  • Estimates are usually provided within 24 hrs of receiving your drive(s).
For more information, Contact us at 866-432-8291.

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